Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My 10 Most Profitable Swing Trade Setups

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Here are ten setups that have made me the most money.  Those that follow me in the blog or Trade Reports will be very familiar with these setups.

1.  Break-out pullback to gap fill

2.  Rubber band short

3.  RSI divergence at highs short setup

4.  Breakout pullback to bottom of breakout bar

5.  Trend pullback

6.  Trading range resistance short

7.  Trading range support long

8.  Rubber band long

9.  50 day moving average bounce long within a bearish pattern

10.  Anticipatory moving average cross

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Mike said...

Nice tips and also very detailed information.I am totally agree with you that today . You really shared most profitable swing trade setups with us. Many thanks to you!
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Nina Athena said...

Thank you for sharing such valuable and helpful information and knowledge! This gives us more insights and inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more updates from you.

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