Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Emotional Dreams of a Small Account Trader and Paul's Time Machine

Yesterday I asked for blog post ideas for an epic post I plan to write on Bulls on Wall Street. There were a lot of great ideas, but two emails received from small account holders sealed the deal for me. One was a time machine, taking me back to a white Twin Cities winter in 2005.

Here is the time machine:

I love trading and I know I have what it takes. Like you said in the past, I want to use trading to become free. But I can't take the wait. I have a small account, a family, job and debts. I trade everyday and feel like I'm going nowhere even after a 30 percent gain. If only I had more money. Sometimes I feel defeated but listening to your story gives me hope. Please help me and write about how you built your small account.

trading small accounts

In the beginning I had the same feelings, frustrations and anxieties as Brian. I remember when making a fantastic 130 percent gain over a short period only netted me $12,000. I truly felt that I was climbing an impossible mountain, when in trading reality I should have been on cloud nine for trading so fantastically.

What I needed was a mind shift and strategy adjustment, which I was lucky enough to develop on my own. Fortunately you don't have to.

I am writing an epic post detailing exactly how I built my small account. It should be ready in a week and will be the go to resource for all small account traders. Keep an eye out for it on

In the meantime, in the comments below or by email, send me the answer to this question if you are a small account trader:

How can I help you?

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Murphy said...

How's the article coming?

dust_trader said...

Hey Paul, I'm looking forward to read you article about small accounts. My question is what broker did you use and did you have to deal with the PDT rule? I was using 2 brokers: ST which has very high commissions for a small account and IB with PDT rule. After blowing twice with ST, I decided to swing trade with IB. Thank you

dust_trader said...
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dust_trader said...
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