My Story

I have blown up 2 trading accounts. That's right, during the late 90's internet boom I turned 5K to 200K in 2 short months. I thought I was on my way to becoming a millionaire at 23 years old, but lost it all.

Then I learned how to trade.

In the years that followed I slowly built up a small account swing trading part-time while working a demanding full-time job in the legal profession. In only 5 short years I built my account to a size big enough to quit my job and trade full-time. Along the way I have written hundreds of trading articles and mentored dozens of traders.

Along with trading and mentoring, I run the swing trading service at my former mentoree and trader extraordinaire Kunal Desai's educational trading site,

Learn more about me by listening to these two interviews.

Chat With Traders

The Mentor Me Podcast

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Rick from Austin, TX said...

Heard your Chat with Traders interview. Very Good! I wanted to follow up with you on your mentor program - do you have anything written up as to how that works (eg, what exactly is covered, how long does it last, a syllabus, etc). I plan on listening to your other podcast this weekend. Thanks and appreciate what you are putting out there!

Unknown said...

Email me Rick!