Monday, October 23, 2006

Shorts Watchlist and Some Hilarious Clips

Here are six stocks that head my shorts watchlist:
BRCM (Broadcom), CAT (Caterpillar, Inc), BOOM (Dynamic Materials Corp.), VLO (Valero Energy), AKAM (Akamai Technologies, Inc) and TZOO (Travelzoo Inc.)

Off Topics:
Do the Trump Dance

Ali G Pitches to Trump and Other Execs

Ali G at the United Nations
How does this guy land interviews with the likes of Boutros Boutros Gali? And Michael Jordan owns his own country?


wincity said...

Never heard of the guy. Real funny.

The Market Speculator said...

He has a show on HBO called "The Ali G Show". One of his characters from the show, Borat, is featured in his first movie that opens next week. It's gonna be huge. A lot of his stuff may seem to be in the "so stupid it's funny" category, but if you look deeper it's really smart and witty stuff.