Monday, October 23, 2006

Today's Trades: AAPL, PRFT, TIE, VLO, COST and BRCM

I sold my 500 share position in AAPL at $81.71 (entry at $78.67) for a $1520 gain (+3.8%). I still feel AAPL will at least reach it's previous highs at $85, so I may re-enter on weakness.

I sold my 500 share position in PRFT at $17.45 (entry at $16.82) for a $316 gain (+3.7%).

I covered my 400 share short position in TIE at $29.20, for a measly $148 gain (+1.2%). The stock is acting better than I thought it would, and might breakout over $30.

I went short 500 shares of BRCM at $27.60. The stock spiked down on high volume on Friday, breaking a short term resistance level (see last night's chart). Bad earnings and the weak semiconductor sector makes this an attractive short.

I bought 500 shares COST at $51.85. The stock is moving up after pulling back from a breakout.

Finally, I went short 300 shares VLO at $51.85. I like the stock as a short below $52, but went with a smaller position size since oil related stocks have been tough to game lately.

I will post charts of my new entries tonight. I also hope to update the results of the porfolio.

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