Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Today's Trades: QID and GROW

As I outlined last night, I bought 500 more shares of QID at $53.35 this morning. I started to get queezy as the stock broke below the 50 day MA, but I stuck with the trade as I am mindful that there might be some weak New Year euphoria, so I've used a very loose stop under price congestion right around $50-51. Things are looking great now, as the ETF has bounced back over $55 after the beautiful reversal in the Nasdaq (at least beautiful to those shorting it or long the QID).

I also covered half my 400 share short position in GROW at $64.82 (short at $71.95), for a $1426 gain (+10%). I am holding on to the remaining 200 share short position.

Today has been a nice, albeit nerve racking, way to spend the first trading day of the year!

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