Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today's Trade: EWZ, AKAM and RATE

I sold 500 shares of RATE at $43.44 (entry at $42.53)for a $455 gain (+2.1%).

I sold AKAM at $56.90 (entry at $55.63) for a $508 gain (2.2%).

I bought 700 shares of EWZ at $48.44.

Over the past six months EWZ has been in a solid uptrend with the 20 day MA providing support. There have been a few blips, however the 50 day MA has provided additional support, and the stock has always rebounded well above the 20 day MA. Therefore, my stop will be placed just under the 50 day MA, at $46.20. This is what I call a "trend trade". I am basically ignoring the indicators (RSI looks good but stochastics say overbought) and just following the trend.

I probably could have waited for a slightly deeper pullback, say all the way to the 20 day MA ($47.82). However, when playing a trend with a longer holding time, I don't feel the need to quibble over 50 cents.


Anonymous said...

just curious, whats your reason for selling akam.
do you wait for a certain % of gain before selling?

just started reading your site. keep up the good work.

The Market Speculator said...

I sold AKAM because the stochastic has begun to stall under oversold levels, creating a lower high. That's not a good sign for a momentum stock. Thus, I was happy to take my profits. If the stock had remained strong, I would have stayed in the trade.