Monday, August 06, 2007

Trades: MT, MS, QID, NOV

I cleared out all of my positions that were entered on August 2nd, since they all either hit their targets or stops.

I covered the MS short, 400 shares at $60 (short at $64.20) for a $1680 gain (+6.5%).

I sold 400 QID at $46.55 (entry at $44.88) for a $668 gain (+3.7%).

I sold 100 shares of NOV at 106.84 (entry at 115.10) for an $826 loss (-7.16%).

I sold 400 shares of MT at $62.90 (entry at $64.20) for a 520 loss (-3.25%).

2 wins with average gain of $1174

2 losses with average loss of $673

Total Profit: $1002

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can you please write some reasons for shorting MS on 65 level? Great blog and I am learing a lot. Usualy I know why you enter the trade but this I do not understand.

Thanks in advance.