Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boone Pickens on Oil

No surprise here, oil tycoon Boone Pickens is an oil bull. According to Mr. Pickens, we are not near a top, although there could be a short term correction. I'm looking to buy on a pullback to the mid 70 range.

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jonnels said...

Isn't Mr. Pickens in the Peak Oil camp? If so, I'd be bullish on oil too. I mean, according to Peak Oil theorists we'd be looking at $200 oil when it peaks in the next few years. I'd be mortgaging the house, the kids,and the dog to buy oil future options.

carmichael said...

Are you oil etfs? How are you going to expose your self to oil? Are literally going to buy oil on the commodities market?

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that you may have jumped on MT too early. I agree with that statement.

I also think you rushed into BCSI, these trades seem contrary to your very effective pullback strategy.


walter said...

MT looks great