Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MT Trade

I entered MT this morning, buying 300 shares at $71.48. Stepping back from the trade, it looks like I may have entered a bit early.

The last time MT had a similar breakout with a long price bar (early June), price action immediately pulled back to the breakout point before resuming the uptrend. The same thing could happen again.

I've set my stop under the breakout point at $68 and may purchase more shares on a pullback.

I also bought 200 shares of BCSI at $85.53.

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Anonymous said...

sorry to go back to my old question. how do you determine whether to enter on that specific day? for example, you entered TBSI but not EXM or DRYS. Though both EXM and DRYs were in good support area. I assume you look at volume in the first half an hour or something