Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update on My Emotions: Arghhhh!

Arghhhh! While I made some spendid gains today, I can't seem to forgive myself for cutting ties with UA, SII and SWHC yesterday. Instead of taking small losses, I would have have made a little over $2000.

That's what I get for not adhering to my stops. All of you loyal readers have permission to call me a royal "wuss."


Rajaram Pai said...

Ahh royal wuss.

Comeon dude, you made a lot of money. Gotto chill. If I really wanted to make u feel worse, your GS short last week made me get out of my long position. And I lost nearly 2k profit. How about them apples....

Jerry said...

one never know the future. You done a wonderful job with all your trade in general. That is all that count.

I am sure you will make $2k back asap.

Great web!

The Market Speculator said...

Man, don't ever make a trade based on what I do. If you like a trade, stick with it.

I'm cool with you venting and calling me a wuss ;)

Thanks for the positivity!

Rajaram Pai said...

No worries man. Lesson learnt the hard way.

Dont stop blogging. Its great you share what you do. Hope you are waiting for a big upswing this week.

Jerry said...

You welcome.

Other than swing trade, do you day trade? If yes, can you share your thoughts in post sometime.