Tuesday, October 09, 2007

6 Stock to Buy on a Dip

The market is now in extremely overbought territory, which is why I actually deployed a short today (DHI- a housing stock at the top of it's downward trend channel). It's seems like ages since I've shorted a stock, and believe it or not, I love shorting!

Along with my primary long watchlist, which consists of weaker support levels that are close to current price, I'm making a list of stocks to buy on deeper dips to stronger support levels.

Six stocks on this list (with entry points) include VDSI (36), CPLA (57), VIP (26), PCU (115), AAPL (150) and BRCM (37).


Anonymous said...

what will you consider a dip? the price hitting the 200 or the 50 or whatever the blue line is on your image.

Anonymous said...

You have mentioned about tight flag pattern(CHNR, JRJC) recommendations in another blog, but not on your blog. Any reason?

The Market Speculator said...

not necessarily. I do use moving averages, but more important is where there is strong price support.

The "marketspeculator" that writes for tradinggoddess is not me.

Anonymous said...

so you draw support and resistance lines at the top and bottom of peaks?