Monday, October 08, 2007

Today's Trades: RIMM, DHI, TBSI

I added to my position in RIMM, buying 200 shares at $115.27.

I went short 300 shares of DHI at $14.63. The housing stock is at the top of it's downward trending channel.

I bought 300 shares of TBSI at an average price of $45.53. Over the weekend I decided to buy TBSI at the open. I wanted to ride the shipping wave some more, and DSYS and EXM were too extended for me to enter.

I bought 300 shares of MT at $76.33. Volume has been weak on the pullback and the stock is nearing support.


carmichael said...

Is that a 50 day period with a 200SMA and a 50EMA?

carmichael said...

20 day SMA

Anonymous said...

TBSI has been on fire. Thanks to you for the mention.