Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Historic Day of Profits for the Speculator

I sold 200 shares of POT at $150.10 (entry at $138.14) for a $2392 gain (+8.6%).

I sold the remaining 150 shares of CF at 118.34 (entry at $92.05) for a $3943 gain (+28.5%)

I sold 150 shares of AAPL at $202.15 (entry at $179.80) for a $3352 gain (+12.2%).

I sold 100 shares of RIG at $148.74 (entry at $132) for a $1674 gain (+12.6%).

I sold 100 shares of FSLR at $281.21 (entry at $235.25) for a $4596 gain (+19.5%).

I sold 150 shares of MBT at $98.97 (entry at $93.03) for a $891 gain (+6.3%).

I am still holding a few positions, but have cleared out much of my account. Today is one of the best trading days I have ever had, and I have to say, it's a relief. I was trading on full margin. I had thought about taking partial profits on a few of these trades, but decided against it since we've had such a nice run and most reached my targets.

As you can see from my gains, don't let anybody tell you it's not wise to trade over the holiday. If you know how to pick the right momo stocks, it can be a very profitable period.

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Glenn said...

Very nice!!

George said...

You deserve it.


George said...

You deserve it.

The Market Speculator said...

Thanks guys!

Raja said...

Excellent work, well deserved.

TraderMark said...

Nice work - I have a place for you to send some of those profits ;). Curious how you are setting exit strategies. I know it differs from stock to stock but are you doing % gain? or what? Especially for stocks going to new all time highs. Thanks

AJ said...

Very inspiring! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Great trades, congrats! I'm interested in your exit strategy as well for positions showing gains. I struggle with balancing leaving money on the table and preserving my hard-earned gains. Thanks for your input and thanks a lot for being generous with your knowledge and experience.


dstod529 said...

Phenomenal work! Your consistent discipline has resulted in consistent profits. Keep it up!