Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today's Trades: POT and GS

I bought 200 POT at $138.14. Nice cup and handle breakout. I would have liked to enter in the $135-136 range, but I don't want to chance missing out if the year end rally continues.

I went short 100 shares of GS at $213.78. My stop is above the 50 day moving average, around $225. I would take partial profits at $200.


Anonymous said...

are you still long fslr and aapl those are great trades.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that you were using TeleChart, here is my question: are you using the telechart to find the strong sectors and strong stocks in those sectors?

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Time to short NILE and GG, what do you think?

The Market Speculator said...

Tom: Hemscott industry groups on Telechart is a good way to sort through industries. However, it's not perfect. For instance, there is no "solar" group. Solar stocks are all over the place under the Hemscott groupings. If you search the site, you'll find posting on how I sort through industries.

Both NILE and GG are on my short watchilist. I am a little concerned about GG as a short since it is now over the 50 day MA.