Monday, December 17, 2007

Today's Trades: CPLA, JASO, FSLR, FCX, PBR

I made a few pilot buys in strong stocks that are dipping today: CPLA (300 shares at $68.95), MBT (150 shares at 93.03).

I exited 300 shares JASO at $70.31 (entry $62.04) for a $2481 gain (+13.2%).

I exited 125 shares FSLR at $239.85 (entry at $223.30) for a $2068 gain (+7.4%). I originally bought 250 shares, and took partial profits last Monday at $247.20 for a $2987 gain. Here is the video I made detailing FSLR.

I covered 200 shares FCX at $98.10 (short at $102.43) for a $866 gain (+4.2%). I am still short 200 shares. I've moved my stop up to entry point and my target is at the old lows, around $90.

I exited 200 shares PBR at $102.10 (entry at $108.62) for a $1304 loss (-6.1%).

I am currently short AKAM, NCTY, QID, DHI, HOV, SKF, and long AAPL, CPLA, MBT. Note that QID and SKF are acutally buys, but I include them as short since they are ultrashort ETFs.

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Anonymous said...

What is your stop price on MBT?