Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thoughts to Start the New Year

Ignore the market forecasts. It's all bunk. Nobody knows where the indexes will be a year from now, or which sectors will gain interest.

Pay close attention to sector accumulation and distribution patterns, along with price action. Some sectors will fall off the map, allowing for new sectors to enter the trading radar.

Pay close attention to new breakout stocks. Some of these will turn into the new momo leaders.

Earnings season is here again. Lots of money to be made post-breakout and breakdown.

Keep an eye on developing consumer and technology trends. This is where I cultivate my longer term investments.

Write down a few important resolutions, post them on a big board in your office, look at them every day, *act* on them everyday and stick to them. I will post mine soon.

Following our 2008 resolutions will make 2008 the healthiest, happiest and most profitable year of our lives. Let's do it!


Anonymous said...

"Ignore the market forecasts. " wonderful statment! This is the way to make the money!
Thanks for the posting and good luck in 2008! By the way, are you still holding the short position in GS?


The Market Speculator said...

Yes I am Tom. As long as my stop does not get hit, I'll stick with the short.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Just do some research, ATK looks good to me, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

If AAPL can't get through 200 I think it may be in trouble but here is my long and short for the first day of the new year (based completely on looking at the charts and nothing else FWIW)
Long LUV
Short XOM
What do you think? I do not trade as I am still learning. Best wishes to you in 2008.