Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Quicke Trade Update

I went short DRYS (81.30), long MON (110.22).

Covered a few profitable shorts: NCTY, AKAM and DHI.

I'll fully update later.


Anonymous said...

I think MON is a great buy due to the breakout pull back today. I also brought a couple of shares.Also, Mon will get earning release tomorrow at 9:15am, hope well.


The Market Speculator said...

Stupid me. I did not even check the earnings release date. I probably would not have entered had I known about it.

Anonymous said...

well, earnings day trading is pretty risky, but MON hold pretty well today...GL!


Anonymous said...

Well, trading on Earning day is pretty risky, but MON looks fine for me. GL!


sb3 said...

this is one of the best trading blogs, if not the best blog on the net. do you foresee doing more videos in the coming year? have a great '08! chris

p.s. is a great site if you don't already have it.