Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today's Trades: NFLX, FWLT, SSO, DUG, SKF

I exited 400 shares of NFLX at $37.44 (entry at $36.20) for a $496 gain (+3.4%). My target was higher but the stock seems to be trading within a range and earnings are coming up soon.

Yesterday I covered 400 shares of FWLT at $58.34 (entry at $62) for a $1464 gain (+6.0%).

I exited 100 shares of SKF at $111.40 (entry at 100.68) for a $1072 gain (+10.6%).

I exited 300 shares of SSO at $69.08 (entry at $62.23) for a $2055 gain (+11.1%).

I exited 300 shares of DUG at $32.75 (entry at $38.13) for a $1614 loss (-17%). Needless to say, I let this one get away from me by not adhering to my stop.

Today I went short 300 shares of FWLT at $61.25. Same setup as before.

Entries can be viewed by clicking on the "trade" label below.


walter said...

CLR setting up like your HAL short...

Eochaidh said...

Are you still long CSX? It was a fantastic trade. I held through results and made $1200 on the trade as i sold out at $60.39 today! Your blog is fantastic by the way.