Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chart Attack

Here are selected charts from my watchlist.

SRX: Breakdown-pullback with bearish flag forming.

FSLR: Momuntume breakout. Hot sector. Overbought so I'd wait for a pullback.

LEH: Weak downtrend consolidation. If it falls, lots of room to drop. Easy stop placement limits risk.

ICO: Nice Uptrend. Possible buy on low volume dip to 20 day moving average.

GXDX: Nice breakout after bottoming formation.

GG: Classic short setup. Typical of most gold stocks. Coming off overbought condtion on pullback.

DFG: Breakdown-pullback with bear flag formation. Nice short setup.


tradewell said...

Warning, selfish post :) How far down would you wait for FSLR to pull down?

walter said...

What do you think of GTLS short? The support/resistance action, the indicators and volume all seem to be lining up...

We'll see...