Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I Will Pass Out If Donald Trump Is Elected President

Donald Trump is bad for Wall Street.

He can't be controlled, he's a loose cannon, he has ties to the evil Russian empire, he bankrupted his own companies, he hates women, minorities and anybody else making money.

Yet I love him.

Well not him, but the idea of him winning the election. Now before you get ready to let me have a piece of your mind, take a step back and . . .


It's not for political reasons, so don't hate.

As a swing trader, I love volatility.

Guess what happens if the Donald wins the election?

The market will go insane. Even more insane than the man with the bad hair could ever actually do to the market himself. The market tends to overreact to uncertainty, so you can bet we'll see an overreaction and some wild swings.

On the flip side, the market wants Hillary to win. She's the "safe" choice. If she wins, we probably get a nice little rally and then it's back to trading as usual. We can profit from this, but not like we can if the market is scared.

Up, down, all around . . . it doesn't matter. We don't care which way the market goes, as long as it moves, and moves big.

Make America great again? It already is great.

Make the market great again? The President does not have that power.

Make the trading great again? It will happen if Donald is President.

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

The market is overdue for volatility and a correction anyway. I think either way we get a continued sell trend for a while. After all rates are going up a whole 25 bp in December, right.

aditi said...

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Joe F said...

Hi Paul. I just started following you. I really like what you have to say about trading and your methods. But I have to say, as a Trump believer, I don't understand when you and others say He can't be controlled, he's a loose cannon, he has ties to the evil Russian empire, he bankrupted his own companies, he hates women, minorities and anybody else making money. None of this makes sense when you really look at him and don't drink the kool-aid the media is dishing out. Bankrupted his own companies - what billionaire hasn't declared bankruptcy in a company? Legal. How about the companies that succeeded? Hates women - really? Because of a comment he made about a disgusting actress or comments made 11 years ago which is the worst they could dig up on him? Hates minorities? did anyone see how he deferred to Ben Carson when they forgot to introduce him at a debate when every other candidate walked right past him? Anybody else making money? How many jobs has he created, and how many people have become wealthy working for him? Investigate these things. Can't be controlled? What about all of the politicians being controlled by special interests? Ties to evil Russian empire? Where - I don't see it, except what the media says without backup. Cmon Paul.

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