Monday, June 08, 2015

When you have the courage to do what you love, even your friends will call you a fool

It takes courage to pursue personal freedom. That is why most people choose the relative safety of a salary. That salary may chain you to a location, tie up almost all your waking hours and keep you from doing what you love, but hey, at least it allows you to squeak by in life.

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If you are in that situation, this is not a put down. I was in that situation. You've gotta do what you gotta do, and I understand that. However, if you are reading this blog, following me on twitter, or a member of my Trade Report, I know you are motivated to be free. That takes courage and I commend every reader of this blog that is doing SOMETHING.

Whether it's building your account to a level that allows you to trade full-time, creating some side income while you work so you won't be tied to that job, or working on building enough for early retirement, it takes courage to even attempt these goals. While most dream about it, they will never take ACTION like you have done.

Anytime you do something courageous, those who don't have courage will bring the "hate". Do not listen to them, and never try to please them, because you never will. Their criticism is not constructive and is not meant to help you, it's to help themselves and their fragile psyches.

Take their criticism as a badge of honor. It means you are doing something right.

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Unknown said...

Decision to trade has been a tough one. There have been a LOT of people telling me I won't be able to do it consistently, not understanding that I don't aspire to be somebody's employee, not understanding the geographic flexibility, etc. But I love the stock market, always have--independent of money. Despite the recent need for a health break, I am 1000% happier doing this than being a software engineer. Life is too short to not pursue the things you love. Thanks for the reminder!

Ashish said...

I am a software engg too and trying to get into trading full time. Nice to see you Ron.

Anonymous said...

The quiet haters are a funny bunch. Those are the people that forget that you're even trading because they dismissed it the first time they heard what you were up to.
Whatever form of hate is coming your way as a beginning trader, make it part of your fuel to step up your game, your prep, your organization and your drive!